Conference Articles


Special Issue No-1, 2011

International Conference on People Management: Issues & Challenges

Organised by Jyotirmoy School of Business


1. Creating more effective HR managers through Emotional Intelligence skills training

Author(s)- Anathbandhu Patra pp 1- 9 Code : AJMRSP1001

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2. A study to assess emotional intelligence and performance of Managers in
Co-operative and Gramya Banks in Orissa

Author(s)- Chandra Mohan Patnaik.B, pp 10- 20 Code : AJMRSP1002

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3. Employer branding: A new strategic dimension of Indian corporations

Author(s)- Suman Kumar Dawn, Suparna Biswas pp 21- 33 Code : AJMRSP1003

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4. Exploring work values in Rabindrasangeet

Author(s)- Debdulal Dutta Roy, Esa Bandopadhyay pp 34- 39 Code : AJMRSP1004

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5. Future of HR management in Indian scenario: Issues & Challenges

Author(s)- Saleena Khan, Bhawna Chahar pp 40- 48 Code : AJMRSP1005

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6. A People – Centric approach in adoption of Innovation: A review and directions for future research

Author(s)- Anurupa Kundu, Debdulal Dutta Roy pp 49- 58 Code : AJMRSP1006

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7. Ethical Organization and Employees

Author(s)- Nandita Mishra, Gulnar Sharma pp 59- 80 Code : AJMRSP1007

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8. A Study on employee engagement in two Indian businesses

Author(s)- Malavika Desai, pp 81- 97 Code : AJMRSP1008

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9. Role of HR in Change Management

Author(s)- CS Shruti Rastogi , Itee Rastogi pp 98- 113 Code : AJMRSP1009

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10. Spatial Influence on Organizational Creativity: Through syntactic analysis of Space

Author(s)- Sumanta Deb, Surabhi Sinha pp 114- 129 Code : AJMRSP10010

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11. Cross cultural conflict resolution styles: An extensive literature review

Author(s)- Anu Singh Lather, pp 130- 146 Code : AJMRSP10011

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12. Motivation as a tool for productivity in Public sector unit

Author(s)- Mohammed Javed Kalburgi, Dinesh.G.P pp 147- 152 Code : AJMRSP10012

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13. Enhancing creativity for organizational change

Author(s)- Rachna Tahilramani pp 153- 162 Code : AJMRSP10013

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14. Managing organizational change

Author(s)- Subhajit Basu Chowdhury pp 163- 169 Code : AJMRSP10014

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15. Employee engagement - Engaging the 21st century workforce

Author(s)- Abhijit Siddhanta, Debalina Roy pp 170- 189 Code : AJMRSP10015

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16. Investing on Human Capital: Safe bet or a gamble?

Author(s)- Tapati Nandy, Ramchandra Mahapatra pp 190- 200 Code : AJMRSP10016

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17. Strategic framework for human capital investment to create sustained competitive advantage

Author(s)- Tapati Nandy, pp 201- 208 Code : AJMRSP10017

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18. Quality of worklife and job satisfaction of a group of university employees

Author(s)- Rochita Ganguly pp 209- 216 Code : AJMRSP10018

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19. A conceptual framework of faculty performance evaluation

Author(s)- Anup Kumar Ghosh, pp 217- 229 Code : AJMRSP10019

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20. The role of Human Resources (HR) in Six Sigma

Author(s)- Saibal Kr. Mukhopadhyay pp 230- 236 Code : AJMRSP10020

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21. Human resource accounting: A new paradigm in the era of globalization

Author(s)- Raunak Narayan pp 237- 244 Code : AJMRSP10021

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