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VOLUME 1, NO 1 - 2010


1.Vertical Linkage and Firm’s Performance in Supporting Industries in Vietnam

Author(s)- Nham Phong Tuan, Takahashi Yoshi pp 1-14 Code : EIJMRS1001

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2. A study on the various welfare measures and their impact on QWL provided by the Textile Mills with reference to Salem District, Tamil Nadu, India

Author(s)- A. Sabarirajan, T.Meharajan, B.Arun pp 15-24 Code : EIJMRS1002

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3. Impact of Industrial Relations on Employee Productivity

Author(s)-Tamilselvan.R, Bhavani.K pp 25-30 Code : EIJMRS1003

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4. A Study of Patients’ Expectation and Satisfaction in Dindigul Hospitals

Author(s)-Manimaran.S, Sindhya.R, Venkateshwaran.P.S

pp 31- 43 Code : EIJMRS1004

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5. Critical failure factors in enterprise resource planning implementation at Indian SME

Author(s)- Ganesh L, Arpita Mehta pp 44- 57 Code : EIJMRS1005

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6. Marketing problems of edible oil industry in the state of

Author(s)- Dhinesh babu.S, Venkateshwaran.P.S pp 58- 65 Code : EIJMRS1006

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7. Critical success factors for sustainable housing: a framework from the project management view

Author(s)- Abu Hassan Abu Bakar et al., pp 66- 80 Code : EIJMRS1007

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8. Deriving ‘Perishable delivery package’ for medium size retailers

Author(s)- Umadevi.K pp 81- 89 Code : EIJMRS1008

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9. Global Financial Crisis: Chinese Stock Market Efficiency

Author(s)- Faiq Mahmood et al., pp 90-101 Code : EIJMRS1009

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10. The Influence of Work-Family Factors on the Relationship between Job Autonomy and Intention to Stay among Single Mothers in Malaysia

Author(s)- Noraani Mustapha, Aminah Ahmad, Jegak Uli, Khairuddin Idris

pp 102-120 Code : EIJMRS1010

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11. The different perspective of Managerial and Operational Level toward Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Practice in Thailand

Author(s)- Tanakorn Limsarun, Pacapol Anurit pp 121-129 Code : EIJMRS1011

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12. Implanting Change in Organization Successfully

Author(s)- Preeti Khatri, Kapil Gulati pp 130-138 Code : EIJMRS1012

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13. Economic Contribution and Analysis of Supply Chain of Tongan Squash Pumpkin Industry

Author(s)- Anand Chand, Suwastika Naidu, pp 139-156 Code : EIJMRS1013

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14. Creating Successful Brand Experience for pharmaceutical products in India

Author(s)- Das.P.K pp 157-165 Code : EIJMRS1014

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15. Corporate Characteristics, Governance attributes and the extent of Voluntary disclosure in Bangladesh

Author(s)- Md. Abdur Rouf pp 166-183 Code : EIJMRS1015

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16. Roles of Language in Tourism Organisational Management

Author(s)- Thavorn Thitthongkam, John Walsh pp 184-199 Code : EIJMRS1016

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17. Study of the relation of Customer Service and Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Author(s)- Seyed Mohammad Sadeq Khaksar et al., pp 200- 215 Code : EIJMRS1017

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18. An exploratory study on consumer buying behavior in Pakistani perspective

Author(s)- Mumtaz Ali, Jing Fengjie, Naveed Akhtar Qureshi

pp 216- 228 Code : EIJMRS1018

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19. Self-Medication, Doctor and Marketing of OTC Products

Author(s)- Rajesh Uttam Kanthe pp 229- 238 Code : EIJMRS1019

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20. Personality traits in relation to Job satisfaction of Management Educators

Author(s)- Harold Andrew Patrick pp 239- 249 Code : EIJMRS1020

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21. Weighting the Criteria of Brand Selecting in Beverage Industries in Iran

Author(s)- Naser Hamidi et. al., pp 250- 267 Code : EIJMRS1021

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22. Behavior of Information Asymmetry during SEOs Issue Process: Evidence from China

Author(s)- Humera Shahid et. al., pp 268- 282 Code : EIJMRS1022

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23. Capital Structure of Indian Corporate: Changing Trends

Author(s)- Ashok Kumar Panigrahi pp 283- 298 Code : EIJMRS1023

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24. Constructs of Quality of Work Life– A Perspective of Textile and Engineering Employees

Author(s)- Mu.Subrahmanian, Anjani.N pp 299- 307 Code : EIJMRS1024

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25. Factors Influencing Investment Decision of Generations in India:
an Econometric Study

Author(s)- Prashant Kumar Mishra, Gaurav Kabra, Manoj Kumar Dash

pp 308- 326 Code : EIJMRS1025

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