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VOLUME 1, NO 2 - 2011


1. Impact of Online-Recruitment On Recruitment Performance

Author(s)- Navdeep Kumar, Pankaj Garg pp 327-336 Code : EIJMRS1026

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2. Study on Customer Perception of Planet Health Retail Pharmacy Chain-Store at Ahmedabad City

Author(s)- Sunil Patel, Himanshu Barot, Keyur Darji pp 337-347 Code : EIJMRS1027

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3. Examining Strategic Issues in Merger of Asian and Western MNCs: Holistic Cross Cultural Imperatives

Author(s)- Sajal Kabiraj pp 348-358 Code : EIJMRS1028

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4. The Theoretical Framework of Ethnic Consumption Model of Financial Products

Author(s)- Heryanto pp 359-374 Code : EIJMRS1029

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5. A Study on personnel commitment factors in Shiraz Chamran Hospitals: Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Iran

Author(s)- Farzaneh Bayat , Ehsan Korhani Shirazi pp 375-386 Code : EIJMRS1030

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6. Importance and the Zone of Tolerance of Passengers’ Expectations of Indian Railway Passengers Services by applying  RAILQUAL

Author(s)- Devi Prasad.M, Raja Shekhar.B pp 387- 401 Code : EIJMRS1031

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7. The Background of Entrepreneurs: A survey

Author(s)- Patnaik.B.C.M, Prakash Kumar Pradhan pp 402- 414 Code : EIJMRS1032

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8. The Evolution of Marketing History: a peek through Google Ngram Viewer

Author(s)- Nitu Kumar, Manish Sahu pp 415- 426 Code : EIJMRS1033

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9. Financial Performance of Indian Pharmaceutical Industry -A Case Study

Author(s)- Amalendu Bhunia pp 427- 451 Code : EIJMRS1034

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10. Understanding the Concept of Elasticity in Supply Chain Relationships:
An Agency Theory Perspective

Author(s)- Maryam Zomorrodi, Sajad Fayezi pp 452- 472 Code : EIJMRS1035

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11. How effective is Man Power Planning in reducing Labour Turnover in Information Technology Enabled Services Organization

Author(s)- Edwin Christopher.S, Rekha Jain.N pp 473- 494 Code : EIJMRS1036

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12. Estimating Beta of Vietnam Listed Construction Company Groups during the Financial Crisis

Author(s)- Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy pp 495- 509 Code : EIJMRS1037

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13. An analysis of the relationship between firm integration and supply chain orientation

Author(s)- Abu Bakar Abdul Hamid, Inda Sukati pp 510- 538 Code : EIJMRS1038

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14. Emerging challenges and issues of pulses imports in India

Author(s)- Yogesh Y. Biyani, Varsha S.Sukhadeve pp 539- 549 Code : EIJMRS1039

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15. Study of the key market segmentation and targeting strategies followed by the leading FMCG companies in India

Author(s)- Amandeep Singh, Anil Chandhok pp 550- 557 Code : EIJMRS1040

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16. Emotional Intelligence emerging as a significant tool for Female Information Technology professionals in managing role conflict and enhancing quality of Work-Life and Happiness

Author(s)- Mallika Dasgupta pp 558- 565 Code : EIJMRS1041

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17. Individuality as a negative characteristic in students to carry out teamwork: and the challenges for a soft skills trainer to groom management students –
A critical review

Author(s)- Bhattacharyya Nirmalya pp 566- 577 Code : EIJMRS1042

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18. Investigating Customer Relationship Management and service quality in Malaysian higher education

Author(s)- Wiwied Virgiyanti et al., pp 578- 593 Code : EIJMRS1043

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19. Mobile Phone Usage Patterns among Indian consumer – An Exploratory Study

Author(s)- Sheetal Singla pp 594- 599 Code : EIJMRS1044

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20. A study on Men’s perception in buying decisions on branded shirts in Tiruchirappalli District

Author(s)- Gopinath. R pp 600- 617 Code : EIJMRS1045

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21. A study of liquidity trends on private sector steel companies in India

Author(s)- Amalendu Bhunia pp 618- 628 Code : EIJMRS1046

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22. Innovation Quality Management in agricultural R & D organizations- mapping innovation quality and performance

Author(s)- Rana.A.S, Nanda.S.K, Sontakki.B.S pp 629- 643 Code : EIJMRS1047

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23. Best practices of quality management in MSME of Uttar-Pradesh- Few Case Studies

Author(s)- Ghoshal. M, Madan. P pp 644- 656 Code : EIJMRS1048

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24. A critical analysis of weak form efficiency in Indian Stock Market

Author(s)- Ambuj Gupta pp 657- 665 Code : EIJMRS1049

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25. Hospitals ranking using fuzzy analytic hierarchy process - Balanced Score Card

Author(s)- Morteza Mousakhani, pp 666- 678 Code : EIJMRS1050

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26. Study the dimensions of social capital and the effect of its performance on entrepreneurial orientation- Case study of small and medium businesses

Author(s)- Khaksar S.M. Sadeq, pp 679- 692 Code : EIJMRS1051

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27. Lot size determination in the construction of double sampling plans

Author(s)- Radhakrishnan.R, Vasanthamani.P pp 693- 702 Code : EIJMRS1052

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28. Pharmaceutical brand extension and its pricing: An empirical analysis

Author(s)- Prafulla Kumar Das pp 693- 702 Code : EIJMRS1053

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29.Awareness Assessment Framework for Implementing the Sustainable Housing  in Malaysia

Author(s)- Abu Hassan Abu Bakar, pp 703- 713 Code : EIJMRS1054

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30. A Study of Understanding of IPR Issues in Indian Premier Technical Academic Institutions

Author(s)- B. K. R. Naik, pp 714- 723 Code : EIJMRS1055

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31. A study on measuring the financial soundness of select firms with special reference to Indian steel industry – An empirical view with Z score

Author(s)- M.S.Ramaratnam, R.Jayaraman pp 724- 735 Code : EIJMRS1056

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32. Effect on the industrial exports and GDP by oil exports growth

Author(s)- Zaroki shahryar , Motiee Reza pp 736- 745 Code : EIJMRS1057

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33. Effects of personality on emotional intelligence between Professional and Non- professional students: Some exploratory evidence

Author(s)- Archana Das G.M pp 746- 758 Code : EIJMRS1058

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34. Strategic planning for a food Industry Equipment manufacturing factory, Using SWOT Analysis, QSPM, and MAUT models

Author(s)- Mohammad Reza Shojaei, pp 759- 771 Code : EIJMRS1059

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35. Effect of mergers on efficiency and productivity of Indian banks: A CAMELS analysis

Author(s)- Jagdish R. Raiyani pp 772- 794 Code : EIJMRS1060

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