Online open access Management Research Journal


VOLUME 3, NO 2 - 2013


1. Measuring service quality in supply chain: Proposed model

Author(s)- Kamakoty J, Sohani N pp 313-324 Code : EIJMRS3026

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2. Rural banking through internet: A study on use of internet banking among rural consumers

Author(s)- Bhavesh J. Parmar et al pp 325-335 Code : EIJMRS3027

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3. An empirical study to investigate the relationship between switching barriers and service recovery evaluation of consumers

Author(s)- Vikas Gautam pp 336-344 Code : EIJMRS3028

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4. Cost optimization strategies for food and beverages industries, India

Author(s)- Kanahalli. B. M, Shivaraj. S. Hutti pp 345-353 Code : EIJMRS3029

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5. The problem of stereotype management in Indian higher education

Author(s)- Shanthakumari. R, Somalingam. A pp 354-364 Code : EIJMRS3030

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6. PEST- Benefit/Threat Analysis for selection of ERP in Cloud for SMEs

Author(s)- Tripti Mahara pp 365-373 Code : EIJMRS3031

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7. A study of factors affecting Investor’s preferences between mutual fund and equity
Author(s)- Vishal Geete, Anshu Thakur, Avinash Desai pp 374-383

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8. Job satisfaction and employees participation in government sector organization of Pakistan

Author(s)- Mohsin Altaf et al pp 384-393 Code : EIJMRS3033

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9. Study of online shopping behavior and its impact on online deal websites

Author(s)- Nidhi Vishnoi Sharma, Varsha Khattri pp 394-405 Code : EIJMRS3034

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10. Causes of work stress of teachers in engineering education

Author(s)- Senthil Kumar A, Mohan S, Velmurugan R pp 406-419 Code : EIJMRS3035

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11. Study of CRM performance measurement in IT firms

Author(s)-Pradeep Kootelu Sundar et al pp 420-429 Code : EIJMRS3036

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12. An Intelligent Project Based Organization MaturityModel (IPBOMM) for Moroccan engineering companies

Author(s)- Alami Marrouni Oussama et al pp 430-445 Code : EIJMRS3037

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