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VOLUME 4, NO 2 - 2013 - November issue


1. Multi-dimensional poverty index (MPI) status of tribes in Attappady Block, Palakkad district, Kerala

Author(s)- Richard Scaria, Sumesh. K, Irfan. T pp 232-240 Code : EIJMRS4020

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2. Criticizing postmodern perspective in management and organizations by using the Islamic approach

Author(s)- Mehran Aslaniyan, Saeideh Pasandi pp 241-255 Code : EIJMRS4021

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3. Performance appraisal practices in indian service and manufacturing sector organizations

Author(s)- Rohan Singh, Madhumita Mohanty, Mohanty. A.K pp 256-265 Code : EIJMRS4022

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4. The influence of human resources management practices, and government’s role in the organizational performance of small businesses in Malaysia

Author(s)- Yusra Yaseen Lazim, Noor Azlinna Binti Azizan pp 266-287

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5. Factors influencing health and healthcare delivery system for the urban poor in Chittagong city, Bangladesh

Author(s)- Shamsun Nahar, M Maksudur Rahman pp 288-296 Code : EIJMRS4024 View:   Abstract    Full Text

6. Interrelationship of Aaker’s customer based brand equity dimensions: offering a model to banking sector

Author(s)- Sonu Dua, Ramandeep Chahal, Aradhana Sharma pp 297-307

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7. Relationship of working capital with liquidity, Profitability and solvency: 
A case study of ACC limited

Author(s)- Panigrahi. A.K pp 308-322 Code : EIJMRS4026

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