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VOLUME 4, NO 3 - 2014 - February issue


1. A descriptive approach of motivation factors enhancing health workers’ effective maintaining in Togolese healthcare system

Author(s)- Doman GNOUFOUGOU, Nadedjo BIGOU-LARE

pp 324-336 Code : EIJMRS4027 View:   Abstract    Full Text

2. Evaluating the relationship between human resource management component and the conversion process of knowledge management with emphasis on Nonaka & Takeuchi Model in Pars Khodro Co. (car manufacturer) from IRAN

Author(s)-Ayoub Kheirollahi et al pp 337-349 Code : EIJMRS4028

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3. A study on performance appraisal system practiced in sugar mills, and its impact on employees’ motivation. A case study of Simbhawli sugar limited, India

Author(s)- Abhinanda Gautam pp 350-360 Code : EIJMRS4029

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4. The impact of BPR, TQM, OL and ownership structure on product innovation in Vietnamese equitized firms

Author(s)-Ta Thi Hong Hanh, Sununta Siengthai pp 361-377 Code : EIJMRS4030

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5. Concepts of service quality measurement in hotel industry

Author(s)- Meharajan. T pp 378-387 Code : EIJMRS4031

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6. Is FDI driving Intellectual capital? A panel data analysis

Author(s)-Karam Pal Narwal et al pp 388-403 Code : EIJMRS4032

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7. A collaborative vendor-buyer deteriorating inventory system in declining market when trade credit is offered

Author(s)- Nita H. Shah, Nidhi Raykundaliya pp 404-418 Code : EIJMRS4033

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8. Work-life balance practices and female lecturers’ career progression in Ghana

Author(s)-Felicity Asiedu-Appiah et al pp 419- 431 Code : EIJMRS4034

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9. Optimal number of scale points in likert type scales for quantifying
compulsive buying behaviour

Author(s)- Santanu Choudhury, Dibyojyoti Bhattacharjee

pp 432- 440 Code : EIJMRS4035 View:   Abstract    Full Text

10. Leadership styles in insurance sector: a critical appraisal of life insurance corporation of India

Author(s)- Pradeep Kumar pp 441- 455 Code : EIJMRS4036

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11. Conceptual model for assessment of service quality across supply chain

Author(s)- Kamakoty J, Sohani N pp 456- 469 Code : EIJMRS4037

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12. An efficient and effective mechanism of work flow in an organization

Author(s)- Aswin Chandrasekharan et al pp 470- 484 Code : EIJMRS4038

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13. The profitability of trade in Serbia Author(s)- Radojko Lukic pp 485- 500

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14. A study on the perception of stock market investments among government employees in Calicut city

Author(s)- Mayadevi thampatty P.C., Mohana krishnan P.C pp 501- 508

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15. Application of the dividend discount model to Infosys

Author(s)- Vinita Mungikar, Muralidhar. K.S.V pp 509- 515

Code : EIJMRS4041 View:   Abstract    Full Text

16. An analysis of teachers’ perceptions towards teamwork

Author(s)- Mohamad Johdi Salleh, Bakare Kazeem Kayode pp 516- 526

Code : EIJMRS4042 View:   Abstract    Full Text

17.Bandwagon effect and network externalities in market demand

Author(s)- Amita Maxwell pp 527- 532 Code : EIJMRS4043 View:   Abstract    Full Text

18. Role of social media marketing to enhance CRM and brand equity in terms of purchase intention

Author(s)- Mirza Ashfaq Ahmed, Zahra Zahid pp 533- 549

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19. Construct validation on organizational strategies and performance dimensions using confirmatory factor analysis

Author(s)- Haim Hilman, Narentheren Kaliappen pp 550- 560

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20. A study on assessing the awareness on needle stick injury (NSI) with regard to infection control measures among the paramedical and Housekeeping staffs

Author(s)- Nirmala Devi N, Sharanya Paranthaman, Bhooma Devi pp 561- 569

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21. Does Wal-Mart strategic management have advantages in comparison with Iranian Shahrvand chain stores strategic management?

Author(s)- Yousef Mahdi, Mohammad Sadrinia pp 570- 582

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22. Organisational work pressure rings a “time-out” alarm for children: A dual-career couple’s study

Author(s)- Gurvinder Kaur, Raj Kumarpp 583- 596

Code : EIJMRS4048 View:   Abstract    Full Text

23. Application of DEA for performance evaluation of Indian microfinance institutions

Author(s)- Ritika Singh, et al pp 597- 605

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24. Measurement of efficiency of major ports in India – A data envelopment analysis approach

Author(s)- Rajasekar.T, Sania Ashraf. P.P, Malabika Deo pp 606- 616

Code : EIJMRS4050 View:   Abstract    Full Text

25. A review on supply chain coordination: a classification of coordination mechanisms and problems

Author(s)- Noureddine Labiad, Zitouni Beidouri, Otmane Bouksour pp 617- 630

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26. Indian life insurance industry changing scenario and need for innovation

Author(s)- Arvind Kumar Singh, Mamta Singh pp 631- 636

Code : EIJMRS4052 View:   Abstract    Full Text