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VOLUME 5, NO 1 - 2014 - August issue


1. HRM in libraries: An Indian perspective

Author(s)- Leela Dhar Mangi pp 1- 15 Code : EIJMRS5001 View:   Abstract    Full Text

2. Does individual’s investment personality explore their investment success?

Author(s)- Charles. A, Kasilingam. R pp 16- 30 Code : EIJMRS5002

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3. A study on the relationships between MBTI psychological types and MODE conflict styles

Author(s)- Shruti Gupta­, Shikha Bhardwaj pp 31- 43 Code : EIJMRS5003

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4. A causal model of compensation and benefits and reward management on organizational effectiveness of MNCs

Author(s)- Sorasak Tangthong pp 44- 65 Code : EIJMRS5004

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5. Impact of reality shows on common man and its sustainability

Author(s)- Subramaniam. S, Himanshu Tiwari pp 66- 78 Code : EIJMRS5005

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6. Market share prediction of Italian and Spanish brands in the fashion market of Georgia by the expectancy value model (case study: Zara, Mango, Massimo dutti as Spanish brands and Giorgio Armani, Versace, Diesel as Italian brands)

Author(s)- Yousef Mahdi et al pp 79- 90 Code : EIJMRS5006

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7. Policy rate changes and the movement of stock market- (With special reference to nifty)

Author(s)- Pooja Talreja pp 91- 100 Code : EIJMRS5007

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8. Scale development for relationship marketing orientation of telecom companies

Author(s)- Umesh Mishra, Ashish Saurikhia pp 101- 111 Code : EIJMRS5008

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9. The commodities derivative market – An intricate study of commodity options and commodity index investing

Author(s)- Salim A Shamsher, Sanjay Mali pp 112- 123 Code : EIJMRS5009

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10. An extended technology acceptance model for internet banking adoption

Author(s)- Montana Intana, Chuvej Chansa-ngavej pp 124- 137 Code : EIJMRS5010

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11. HRD practices and its impact towards job satisfaction in BSNL, Thanjavur SSA- A study

Author(s)- Gopinath. R, Shibu.N.Spp 138- 147 Code : EIJMRS5011

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12. Exploring the strategic management practices in university of the Punjab, Pakistan

Author(s)- Selma Karatepe, Masood Nawaz Kalyar pp 148- 163 Code : EIJMRS5012

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13. The Brazilian labor market: Booming or dooming?

Author(s)- Renata Klafke et al pp 164- 172 Code : EIJMRS5013

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14. Microfinance as a means of poverty alleviation: Case of Solidarity Funds for Development (SOFDEV) in North West and South West regions of Cameroon

Author(s)- Fon D.E et al pp 173- 179 Code : EIJMRS5014

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15. Exploratory revision of concepts and practices of knowledge management

Author(s)- Leena Nitin Fukey, Surya Sarah Issac pp 180- 190 Code : EIJMRS5015

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