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VOLUME 6, NO 3 - 2015 - February issue


1. From presence to purchase: An empirical study on student communities

Author(s)- Ridhima Bhanot Sharma, Marshal Mukesh Sahni pp 463- 479

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2. A bank in every pocket: ATM’s

Author(s)- Neeti jain pp 480- 486 Code : EIJMRS6040

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3. FII investments and its impact on Indian stock market

Author(s)- Rahul Pandey pp 487- 496 Code : EIJMRS6041

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4. Stakeholders perspective on cost overruns of building projects in Jos, Nigeria

Author(s)- Afunanya J.E., Achoru A.M., Williams F.Npp 497- 503 Code : EIJMRS6042

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5. Goods and service tax in India: problems and prospects

Author(s)- Pankaj Kumar, Subhrangshu Sekhar Sarkarpp 504- 513

Code : EIJMRS6043 View:   Abstract    Full Text

6. Estimation of tourist carrying capacity in the Huaquillas Trail in the National Recreation Area of Santay Island

Author(s)- Castillo Quiñonez Katherine et al pp 514- 525 Code : EIJMRS6044

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7. Influence of spiritual intelligence on job satisfaction among IT professionals: A study conducted in four capital cities of South India

Author(s)- Peter Varghese, Susan Chirayath pp 526- 541 Code : EIJMRS6045

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8. Key factors of successful e-CRM for optimization of working in front office

Author(s)- Hanen Khanchel et al pp 542- 555 Code : EIJMRS6046

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9. Research on the internationalization of Chinese SMEs: Evidence from SMEs in Guangdong province

Author(s)- Khaled Mohammed Alqahtani, Pingping Song pp 556- 566

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10. Impact of derivatives trading on the volatility of stock market in India: A review 

Author(s)- Sachita Yadav pp 567- 579 Code : EIJMRS6048

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11. Net neutrality: influencing policy through social media details of authors

Author(s)- Dhriti Bhattacharjee, Veena Tripathi pp 580- 591 Code : EIJMRS6049

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12. A framework of vegetable supply chain management in India: Type of literary critique

Author(s)- Deepak Hajoary pp 592- 598 Code : EIJMRS6050

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13. Is Teaching Stressful? A review of literature on global higher education sector

Author(s)- Pijus Kanti Bhuin pp 599- 609 Code : EIJMRS6051

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14. Review impact of strategic approach to business process management on the performances

Author(s)- Mehdi Hasankhani et al pp 610- 619 Code : EIJMRS6052

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15. Comparative study of rural banks in India and their marketing strategies

Author(s)- Puja Bansal pp 620- 628 Code : EIJMRS6053

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