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VOLUME 7, NO 3 - 2016 - February issue


1. Shareholder’s wealth creation in mergers and acquisitions in Indian IT industry: An event study methodology of acquiring company’s perspective

Author(s)- Anirban Ghatak, Aamukta pp 200- 216 Code : EIJMRS7017

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2. Towards understanding the dynamics of service quality and its correlation with patient satisfaction in health care services: An exploratory analysis

Author(s)- Doman GNOUFOUGOUpp 217- 229 Code : EIJMRS7018

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3. Greenhouse gases emanation (GHGs), energy utilization and economic Growth of group Seven (G7) Countries

Author(s)- Rajasekar T, Malabika Deo pp 230- 241 Code : EIJMRS7019

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4. A comparative study of CSR practices in India before and after 2013

Author(s)- Sai P.V.S pp 242- 255 Code : EIJMRS7020

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5. The effects of individual dimensions of service quality in IRCTC by using Servqual model with special reference to South Western Railway

Author(s)- Sathyanarayana S, Sumithra Sreenath, Swathi Shanbhag pp 256- 278

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