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VOLUME 1, NO 5 - 2011


1. Removal of nickel, copper, zinc and chromium from synthetic and industrial wastewater by electrocoagulation

Author(s)- Konstantinos Dermentzis, pp 697- 710 Code : EIJES2026

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2. Removal of methylene blue, a basic dye from aqueous solutions by adsorption using teak tree ( Tectona grandis) bark powder

Author(s)- Satish Patil, Sameer Renukdas, Naseema Patel

pp 711- 726 Code : EIJES2027

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3. Effect of Neutraceutical Dosa on Antimicrobial Activity

Author(s)- Sulochana. S, Bakiyalakshmi S. V. pp 727- 735 Code : EIJES2028

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4. A comparative assessment of Status of indoor air pollution  of few selected families of rural and urban area of Burdwan town and its adjoining area

Author(s)- Mondal.N.K et. al., pp 736- 743 Code : EIJES2029

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5. Identification and Characterization of Polyhydroxybutyrate producing Bacillus cereus and Bacillus mycoides strains

Author(s)- Aarthi.N, Ramana.K.V pp 744- 756 Code : EIJES2030

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6. Socio - environ impact of river rafting industry on Ganges in Uttarakhand, India

Author(s)- Parth Sarathi Mahapatra, H.B.Vasistha, Rajiv Pandey

pp 757- 771 Code : EIJES2031

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7. Error Involved in Estimation of Site Sensitivity Index (SSI) for Land filling of Municipal Solid Waste

Author(s)- Anurag Ohri., P.K. Singh pp 772- 785 Code : EIJES2032

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8. Studies on Radon in soil gas and Natural radionuclides in soil, rock and ground water samples around Mysore city

Author(s)- Shashikumar.T.S, Chandrashekara.M.S, Paramesh.L

pp 786- 797 Code : EIJES2033

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9. Statistical Study on Pre & Post Monsoon Variation of Groundwater Level in Theni District, Tamil Nadu – India

Author(s)- Sukumar.S, Sankar.K pp 798- 813 Code : EIJES2034

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10. Working in Noise Environment: An Investigation of Hearing Quality of Drivers in Morogoro Municipality, Tanzania

Author(s)- Mary S. Gaganija, Stelyus L. Mkoma Happy F. Kiumbu

pp 814- 819 Code : EIJES2035

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11. Beneficial effect of chitosan-g-polyacrylamide copolymer in removal of heavy metals from industrial dye effluents

Author(s)- Ansar Ali.Z, pp 820- 833 Code : EIJES2036

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12. Diversity of fungi in effluents of sugar industries of Madhya Pradesh

Author(s)- Awasthi A.K., Pandey.A.K, Rashmi Dubey

pp 834- 838 Code : EIJES2037

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13. Photocatalytic activity of synthetic ZNO composite against Coralene red F3BS dye in presence of solar light

Author(s)- Yogendra. K, Mahadevan.K.M,Suneel Naik, Madhusudhana. N

pp 839- 846 Code : EIJES2038

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14. Changes in the composition of poultry farm excreta (PFE) by the cumulative influence of the age of birds, feed and climatic conditions and a simple mean for minimizing the environmental hazard

Author(s)- Iyappan.P, Karthikeyan.S, Sekar.S pp 847- 859 Code : EIJES2039

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15. Increasing trends of tropospheric ozone and NO2 at the prominent hot spots along the coastal belt of the Arabian Sea in Indian Subcontinent

Author(s)- Nishanth.T, Satheesh Kumar.M.K pp 860- 870 Code : EIJES2040

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16. Conservation approaches and development of local communities in India: debates, challenges and future perspectives

Author(s)- Maria Costanza Torri pp 871- 883 Code : EIJES2041

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17. Variation of fluoride and correlation with alkalinity in groundwater of shallow and deep aquifers

Author(s)- Navneet Kumar pp 871- 883 Code : EIJES2042

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18. Application of Regional Climate Model Simulation and Flow Data for Assessing Future Water Availability in the River Jamuna

Author(s)- Mohammad Adnan Rajib, pp 884- 896 Code : EIJES2043

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19. Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) Clashes with Honey Bees

Author(s)- Sainudeen Sahib.S pp 897- 900 Code : EIJES2044

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20. Assessing the Impacts of Desert Afforestation on the Spread of Infectious Agents

Author(s)- Richard A. Manfready pp 901- 910 Code : EIJES2045

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21. Removal of Organic Pollutants in the Municipal Sewage Water by Tio2 based Heterogeneous Photocatalysis

Author(s)- Shivaraju.H.P pp 911- 923 Code : EIJES2046

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22. Influence of Magnetospheric and Ionospheric currents on radio wave scintillation during storm time condition

Author(s)- Soumi Bhattacharya et al., pp 924- 937 Code : EIJES2047

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23. Vapor Phase Adsorption of Homologous Aliphatic Ketones on Activated
Spherical Carbon

Author(s)- Bhargavi R, Kadirvelu K, Kumar N S pp 938- 947 Code : EIJES2048

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24. Comparison Between Conventional And Stable Isotope Techniques In Determining Distribution Of Landfill Leachate In Groundwater And Surface Waters In Perak, Malaysia – Techniques Of Water Resources Investigation

Author(s)- Roslanzairi Mostapa et al., pp 948- 958 Code : EIJES2049

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25. Ecotoxicological Evaluation of Wastewater Samples from Gadoon Amazai Industrial Estate (GAIE), Swabi, Pakistan

Author(s)- Azizullah Azizullah et al., pp 959- 976 Code : EIJES2050

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26. Impact of Deltamethrin on Environment, use as an Insecticide and its Bacterial degradation – A preliminary study

Author(s)- Shrivastava Bhanu et al., pp 977- 985 Code : EIJES2051

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26. Computational techniques and their potential in predicting oxygen transfer by multiple oblique jets

Author(s)- Surinder Deswal pp 986- 999 Code : EIJES2052

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27. Noise Pollution on Wards in Bunda District Hospital in Lake Victoria Zone, Tanzania

Author(s)- Kulwa M. Philimoni pp 1000- 1008 Code : EIJES2053

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28. Effect of Heavy metals on Morphological and Biochemical characteristics of Albizia procera (Roxb.) Benth. Seedlings

Author(s)- Preeti Pandey, Tripathi.A.K pp 1009- 1018 Code : EIJES2054

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29. Investment grading audit of pumping machinery at Mindi, one of the water treatment plants of Visakhapatnam city- A case study

Author(s)- Chandraiah.V pp 1019- 1032 Code : EIJES2055

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31. Evidence for Tracing Incorporation of Sewage-Derived Organic Matter into an Urbanized Aquatic Food Web Though Stable Nitrogen Isotope Analysis

Author(s)- France R.L. pp 1047- 1055 Code : EIJES2057

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