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VOLUME 1, NO 1 - 2010


1.Emergency Response Management and Information System (ERMIS) – A GIS based software to resolve the emergency recovery challenges in Madurai city, Tamil Nadu - B.Ganeshkumar, D.Ramesh

pp 1-13 Code : EIJGGS1001

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2.Flood Early Warning System Develop at Garang River  Semarang  using Information Technology base on SMS and Web - Joko Windarto

pp 14-28 Code : EIJGGS1002

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3.Need and Urgency of Landslide Risk Planning for Nilgiri District,
Tamil Nadu State, India-
G.P.Ganapathy , K.Mahendran  S.K Sekar

pp 29-40 Code :EIJGGS1003

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4.Digital Elevation Model Generation And Its Application In Landslide Studies Using Cartosat-1- S.Suganthi  , K.Srinivasan  

pp 41-50 Code: EIJGGS1004

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5.Identification of Accident Hot Spots: A GIS Based Implementation for Kannur District, Kerala- Deepthi Jayan.K ,  B.Ganeshkumar

pp 49-58 Code : EIJGGS1005

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6.Remote Sensing and GIS Application in Change Detection Study In Urban Zone Using Multi Temporal Satellite- R.Manonmani, G.Mary Divya Suganya 

pp 60-65 Code : EIJGGS1006

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7.An Integrated Approach with GIS and Remote Sensing Technique for
Landslide Hazard Zonation
- S.Evany Nithya P. Rajesh Prasanna  

pp 66-75 Code : EIJGGS1007

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8.Delineation of Areas for Water Conservation in Peruvamba River basin,
 Kannur district, Kerala, Using Remote Sensing and GIS
.- Sampad Kumar Panda, B. Sukumar 

pp 76-83 Code : EIJGGS1008

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9.Application of Remote Sensing and GIS for Artificial Recharge Zone in Sivaganga District, Tamilnadu, India- Balachandar.D, Alaguraja.P, Sundaraj.P , Rutharvelmurthy.K , Kumaraswamy.k

pp 84-97 Code : EIJGGS1009

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10.A study on Remote Sensing on Coastal Geomorphological Landforms From Coleroon River Mouth to Cuddalore South Arcot, Tamil Nadu, India- Pandiaraj.D, Karikalan.R , Alaguraja.P , Jeyaraj.N , Roger.D.C, and Giriprasad.C

pp 98-105 Code : EIJGGS1010

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