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VOLUME 1, NO 2 - 2010


1. Spatial Analysis of Rainfall Variation in Coimbatore District Tamilnadu using GIS

Author(s)- Ishappa Muniyappa Rathod , Aruchamy.S

pp 106-118 Code : EIJGGS1011

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2. Impacts of Climate, Topograpy and Weathearing profile on Hydrogeology and Water Resources Assesment in Semi-Arid Terrain. Using Earth Observation -1 ALI, ASTER-DEM and GIS techniques

Author(s)- G. Balamurugan, Dr. S. Rajendran, V.Tirukumaran

pp 119-131 Code : EIJGGS1012

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3. Spatio-Temporal Change Analysis of Forest Density in Doodhganga Forest Range, Jammu & Kashmir

Author(s)- Majid Farooq, Humayun Rashid

pp 132-140 Code : EIJGGS1013

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4. Identification of Urban Sprawl Pattern for Madurai Region Using GIS

Author(s)- Saravanan.P, Ilangovan.P

pp 141-149 Code : EIJGGS1014

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5. Land use and land cover change detection through remote sensing approach: A case study of Kodaikanal taluk, Tamil nadu

Author(s)- Prakasam.C

pp 150-158 Code : EIJGGS1015

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6. Remote Sensing and GIS Applications on Change Detection Study in Coastal Zone Using Multi Temporal Satellite Data

Author(s)- Prabaharan.S,Srinivasa Raju.K, Lakshumanan.C,Ramalingam.M.

pp 159-166 Code : EIJGGS1016

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7.Estimation of above ground biomass in Indian tropical forested area using multi-frequency DLR-ESAR data

Author(s)- Vyjayanthi Nizalapur, Chandra Sekhar Jha and Rangaswamy Madugundu

pp 167-178 Code : EIJGGS1017

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8.Morphometric Analysis of Gostani River Basin in Andhra Pradesh State, India Using Spatial Information Technology

Author(s)- Nageswara Rao.K,Swarna Latha.P , Arun Kumar.P ,Hari Krishna.M

pp 179-187 Code : EIJGGS1018

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9.Study on Hyperspectral Signatures for Magnetite Iron ore in Thattayengerpet region of Trichirappalli district in Tamil Nadu State, India. 

Author(s)- Raja.S, Rajendran.S, Poovalinga Ganesh.B, Thirunavukkarasu.A

pp 188-196 Code : EIJGGS1019

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10.Suitable site determination for urban solid waste disposal using GIS and Remote sensing techniques in Kottayam Municipality, India.

Author(s)- Nishanth.T, Prakash M.N, Vijith.H

pp 197-210 Code : EIJGGS1020

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11.Evolution of Vaigai Delta, Tamilnadu, India (East Coast) During Quaternary

Author(s)- Prabakaran.K, Anbarasu.K

pp 211-222 Code : EIJGGS1021

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12.Tribal Area Development Planning of Chintapalli Block, Visakhapatnam District, Andhra Pradesh, India:  Using GIS and Remote Sensing Approach

Author(s)- Prakasam. C , Kartic Kumar , Sunam Chatterjee

pp 223-232 Code : EIJGGS1022

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13. Light Minerals, XRD and SEM Studies in the depositional environments between Tuticorin and Thiruchendur, South East Coast of India, Tamil Nadu

Author(s)- Suresh Gandhi.M, Solai.A, Chandrasekar.N

pp 233-251 Code : EIJGGS1023

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14. A Semi – Distributed Water Balance Model for Amaravathi River Basin using Remote Sensing and GIS

Author(s)- Jenifa Latha.C, Saravanan.S, Palanichamy.K

pp 252-263 Code : EIJGGS1024

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15. Spatio - Temporal Analysis of Land Use in Fringe Area using GIS - a Case Study of Madurai City, Tamil Nadu

Author(s)- Manonmani I.K. pp 264-270 Code : EIJGGS1025

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