Submit your article to IPA Journals

We welcome you for the article submissions zone of Integrated Publishing Association journals, presently we are offering seven open access peer reviewed scientific journals for the research fraternity. All our journals are open acces journals, listed in almost all possible databases and indexing services across the globe, listed in world wide digital libraries. We are operating for the last five years and served more than 15000 authors and published nearly 4000 articles which are cited in many other journals, our citation count is at par with few highly rated journals. Presently our articles are downloaded, referred and cited by many authors across the globe, and all our journals are indexed by leading databases. Some of the articles are cited more than 50 times which shows that our journals are widely read and cited by researchers, citations are being the measurable performance indicator of a journals familiarity among researchers.

Article submission process

Authors are invited to submit their research/ review papers to our journals, the article may be prepared in MS word format with margin of 1 inch on all sides. Please download the covering letter, fill the information in the letter, submit it with your article file to the mail id with covering letter as attachment. Submissions to all our journals can be done directly to this mail box which will be processed promptly.

Presently we accept submissions only to this mail id, authors are also informed to prepare the article matching the author guidelines also prepare the references as per our reference format. You can also download our templates in which the article can be fitted before submissions.

Our journals are peer reviewed journals and all articles will be subjected to double blind review before informing to the authors. Authors are informed to verify our peer review process manual before submitting article to have a clear idea about the peer review process we use to judge the quality of the article.

You will receive a confirmation mail with the article id within 24- 48 hours from the submission which may be used in further communication, our review process will be completed within 15 days mostly in many cases. We are putting efforts to reduce the publication time to less than 30 days from the submission to publication and we are presently adopting prepublication concept through which articles will be added immediately after acceptance in the next possible issue which reduces the waiting period to get online.

If there are any queries kindly write to editorial AT ( Replace AT with @), we are also presently providing limited phone support to certain authors who request further assistance.